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Magical Mind Reading

Props: 4 pencils with caps

Magic: Itís a cute little trick, which you can present anywhere. Take four pens and place them on a table. Ask the spectator to select any one pen, when you turn back, and write his/her name on a piece of paper with it. After this, you collect all the pens and keep them on your forehead one after the other to find out the selected pen with your magic power. Hey presto! Now you can show the pen, which has been chosen, by him. I am sure, anybody who doesnít know this trick will think you are performing miracles.

Secret: In fact, you didnít need to have any miracles powers. The secret is very simple. Before starting the show, make sure all the pen have pointed caps. Keep all the points of the caps exactly right against the brand name of the pencils and start the show.

††††††††††††††† Ask the spectator to select a pencil and write his/her name; mean while he is doing so, you turn back. After writing his/her name, any spectator invariably keeps the cap back, but not exactly against the brand name of the pencil. Thatís enough to make you a magician. The rest depends upon your actions like those of Magician and the recitaion of those spells like ďAbra-ka-dabraĒ
.-By Pushpam Dwivedi.