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-Abhinay Khoparzi
-Mairaj Ahmed
-Gaurav Kumar
-Pushpam Dwivedi
-Akshat Chandra
-Utsav Chaturvedi
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About us

This page tells you about our strange and funny members of our team

Webmaster of this site!..

Name: - Abhinay Khoparzi (nick khopu)

Age: - 16 months

Date of birth: - 16-6-84

Hobbies: - Computer programming in basic, VB, Java, FoxPro, Image Editing, Making friends (m or f only esp. f), Drumming, Web Designing, Chatting on ICQ

School: - St. Joseph's College(Allahabad, India)

Web address: - http:\\

Email: -

ICQ nick/no. :- abhinay/46935806

Biography: - A cool headed guy who does not like too much studies but loves his computer even though he is a commerce student. He's the real man behind this site as he is the creator, manager, and editor. He's the funniest guy in the team. He doesn't like to write articles but loves writing programs and loves parties. He loves rock music and freaking on the streets in the night (A real nocturnal personality). Loves crowds and girls.

Name: - Mairaj Ahmed (nick MA man)

Age: - 16 weeks

Date of birth: - 20/10/1983

Hobbies: - Making Friends (esp. gf :) ), Collecting Stamps

School: - St. Joseph's College Allahabad

Biography: - This guy is cool and has a pleasant nature. He is impatient, and wants things to be done immediately. Although an expert swimmer he is a computer worm, who does a little webdisigning too. He is real cool on MS Office Professional.

Email: -

ICQ nick :- mairaj

Name: - Gaurav Kumar (nick goo rub)

Age: - 16 days

Date of birth: - 14-3-1984

Hobbies: - Writing things in bathroom, Making Castles in air (It was his idea to make this site), Bird Watching (esp. crows because these are the only birds we see in cities), Making friends with (preferably f), eating(but doesn't look like that).

School: - St. Joseph's College(Allahabad, India)

Biography: - A vegetarian guy in all respects (exp. you know what), he's very famous among friends (cause he can be bullied by anyone). This guy likes to meet people and make friends. He is called a cutie pie among girls. He can be called as joker and plan maker of our site. We are sure to be an incomplete team without him.

Name: - Pushpam Dwivedi (nick pushy)

Age: - 17 hours

Date of birth: - 19-2-1983

Hobbies: - Bull Fighting (normally the bull runs away on seeing him), Chatting on ICQ(cause he was banned from comic chat).

School: - St. Joeseph's College(Allahabad, India)

Biography: - He's one of the best entrepreneurs of this site and he likes to be friends with everyone. He is a good writer and a very imaginative and creative person. This guy really loves nature and likes small kids.

Email: -

ICQ nick :- popo

Name: - Akshat Chandra (nick chandu)

Age: - 16 minutes

Date of birth: - not known

Hobbies: - Cricket(That silly 'ol game) ,Basket ball, Chess, Reading thrillers, Writing Stories, Singing

School: - St. Joseph's College(Allahabad, India)

Biography: - An Aquarian according to his birth date but a true scorpion in nature(bite me :)). A truly self dependent guy who doesn't want any helps in his work. Wants to be a fun guy and tries not to make bore people (most of the time unsuccessful). A really adventurous guy, and likes fighting with people. A confident person with funny habits and a hot head.

Name: - Utsav Chaturvedi (nick UT save)

Age: - 16 seconds

Date of birth: - 22/11/1984

Hobbies: - Music, Cricket, Swimming, Making Friends(especially GF's), Comic(Archies or somethin), Novels

School: - Maharana Mewar Public School(Udaipur, India)

Biography: - He's a cool guy who likes to roam around the city with his friends. He's a guy whom you would like to meet coz he is a really fun guy. He is good on his synthesizer and also plays mandolin. This guy is the main graphic designer of the site, but most of the designs that he makes are crunched by Abhinay before they go online and that sometimes makes him mad.

Email: -