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Funny riddles

Q. What four letters describe an ambassador
A. X-L-N-C (Excellency) 

Q. Why is the letter "N" a cruel Roman Emperor
A. Because it is near "O" (Nero) 

Q. Why canít a beggar improve?
A. Because one name for him is mendicant (Mend I canít) 

Q. What ladies can never find the things they want?
A. Miss Lay and Miss Place 

Q. What lady is it whom, nobody wants to know?
A. Miss fortune (Misfortune) 

Q. What lady is always unlucky
A. Miss Chance (Mischance) 

Q. What is the elegy of a chicken?
A. The LEG 

Q. Why is the letter E like London?
A. Because both are the capital of England. 

Q. If the Atlantic dried up, what would people say?
A. We canít a notion (an ocean) 

Q. Why was the middle age a dark age?
A. Because the history books tell us that there were a lot of knights.
-Pushpam Dwivedi