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Hi there. As you guy's n gals are seeing we have redesigned our look. This month we have worked really hard to give new and a good look to our site, hope you like it. We have increased our features, Like now we have our own search engine which is better than those big ones out there on the net because it has content like them but is speedy too. Many of our visitors asked us that they need a text chat area too so we have added a brand new message board and chat room to our cummunities section. Visit it and have a great time making friends and flirting! We are planning to get our own domain name now and as soon as we get it we are trying to start a mail service with really cool speed and features. Also check out the new greeting cards section on this page

We advise you to change your display resolution to 800x600 or greater as we have designed the pages of these sites to feel good on those resolutions

Please send in your comments in the comments area!Scroll down for today's cartoon!!

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